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Initial Deep Cleaning

Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services requires an initial Deep Cleaning for one-time clients and potential clients seeking to establish recurring services. Although it is not encouraged, Seneida’s provides clients with the option of customizing their Deep Cleaning based on their individual needs or budget. Our initial deep cleaning is a top to bottom detailed thorough cleansing of your home. During our initial Deep Cleaning we pay extra attention to those often-neglected cleaning tasks and follow a checklist to ensure every corner of your home is fully clean. While conducting a Deep Cleaning, staff members will scrub all surfaces, move all furniture, and use our state-of-the-art commercial equipment to easily get into the nukes of your home. Underneath this paragraph, you will find our Deep Cleaning checklist.

Deep Cleaning Check List


Additional Not Included: Interior Window Cleaning, Wall Washing, Inside of Refrigerator, Inside of Oven, Inside of Kitchen Cabinets, Inside of Extractor, Floors Tile & Grout Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Spot Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Hardwood Floors Deep Cleaning, COVID-19 Fogging.

Recurring Services

Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services offers Recurring General Cleaning Services. Once our Initial Deep Cleaning is conduced; clients will be able to set up recurring services on a Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly basis. Clients will be provided an established recurring rate based on a specific scope of work and a recurring service rotation. The fix rate given to client’s correlates with the estimated time of how long a General Cleaning for their home should take. All flat rates will be honored if the home is clutter free prior to our arrival. During Recurring Services, we don’t repeat the initial Deep Cleaning duties; we sustain and maintain them. Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services will allow clients to pick their preferred day and time of the week; our company will always try to accommodate all scheduling requests as always providing unparallel customer service.

Things to know

Intensive Deep Cleaning

Hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them. A person with hoarding disorder experiences distress at the thought of getting rid of the items. Seneida’s discretion, expertise, and integrity makes us the right company for such a project. Seneida’s Intensive Deep Cleaning is a full and complete cleaning of the home with extra attention to detail in decluttering and organizing. Every Intensive Deep Cleaning project unique in all aspects and will be treated as such, in regard to cleaning procedures, required equipment & supplies as well as the cost of service. In the event a home requires such an Intensive Deep Cleaning, please be advised of the following.

Onsite Estimate is Required

To provide an accurate estimate; Seneida’s must inspect the scope of work to provide a project cost. Management will develop a cleaning plan so that our professionals may conduct service in the safest, effective, and most efficient manner possible. Once the onsite estimate is conducted management will contact client to go over options.

Onsite Family Member is Required

It is extremely challenging and time-consuming working with an individual that has a hoarding disorder; to help us successfully complete such a project a family member is required to be onsite.

Secure Valuables

Please separate and secure all important belongs as Seneida’s will not be responsible for any items that are presumed to be garage and are thrown away.

Trash Removal

Seneida’s will place all garage on the curb or outside client’s property. We do not remove the garage from the client’s property. Kindly be advised Seneida’s will not held responsible for any city fines.

Seneida’s will not clean any feces, vomit, blood, or any home that has pest infestation. Please contact our office to address any of these matters and we can find a solution.

Move in & Move out Cleaning Service

Moving into a new home or moving out from your home is exhausting and stressful. There are lots of things to get in order, which can leave you overwhelmed. So why not let the experts handle the burden of pre- and post-cleaning for your move?

The professional home cleaning experts at Seneida’s Home Cleaning ensure the home you are leaving or moving into is spotless. Let us handle all the mess while you deal with other important matters regarding your move. Seneida’s Move In & Move Out cleaning includes the Initial Deep Cleaning checklist, in addition to the tasks below:


Post Construction Cleaning Service

You’ve just purchased a home and have done the necessary renovations to make it your dream house. You have renovated the Kitchen, Bathrooms, re-sanded the floors, painted, and have your new furniture on standby ready to be delivered. The contractors are finished, and you have now realized there is dust everywhere, cardboard boxes, paint & spackle on the floors, the inside of the cabinets filled with dust, and the floors covered with dust.


Moving into a newly constructed or renovated house is truly an exciting experience, but at the same time, a tiring and cumbersome process too. It would be best to ensure the house has been thoroughly cleaned, and disinfected after its construction before finally moving in. This is when a professional cleaning provider gets into the picture. Post Construction Cleaning is a must to guarantee no speck of construction debris is left in your home as well as to ensure the safety of those moving in it. Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services is here to help your home make the transition from a messy construction site to a safe livable home!! We know it has been a lengthy process and you are ready to move in; therefore, you should not stress, simply call the best and let Seneida’s handle the rest. Seneida’s Post Construction Cleaning, IF EMPTY includes the above Initial Deep Cleaning checklist in addition to the tasks below:

It is extremely important to advise the person providing the over the phone estimate of the following:

The above * tasks can substantially increase labor hours to complete service

General Cleaning Services & Basic Cleaning

Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services occasionally offers one-time and initial General Cleaning Services to anyone seeking to establish recurring services. Seneida’s only offers initial General Cleaning services; if an onsite estimate is conducted and it is determined the home does not require an Initial Deep Cleaning. In the event the home does require a Deep Cleaning; Seneida’s will not provide an initial General Cleaning Service or provide Recurring Cleaning Services. If it is determined the home does not require a Deep Cleaning; the client will be provided with an Initial General Cleaning set price and a Recurring rate. Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services kindly and respectfully request clients do not schedule a General Cleaning or ask for a General Cleaning onsite estimate, if it is fully noticeable the home requires a Deep Cleaning. Carefully, look at the General Cleaning checklist underneath to determine whether your home qualifies for an Initial General Cleaning service:

* Please be advised a General Cleaning Service is not as detailed as a Deep Cleaning and the checklist differ in several ways. During a General Cleaning Service our staff members will not move any furniture or remove any items under the beds. To obtain more information on our General Cleaning Services, please give us a call.

Text or Call: 862-333-8313

Attic/Basement/Garage Cleaning Service

Seneida’s Home Cleaning LLC offers residents with high quality Attic Cleaning, Basement Cleaning and Garage Cleaning Services to get rid of all the junk as well as clean surfaces. Our cleaning professionals organize your Attic/Basement/Garage with the best products so that you can reclaim your storage area and have it neat and tidy once again.

Open House Cleaning Service

Our professional home cleaning experts offer complete Open House Cleaning Services prior and after placing your home on the market. The presentation of your home plays a vital role in its successful sale. Seneida’s makes sure your entire home is clean, neat, and presentable to give the best impression to prospective buyers. Seneida’s Open House Cleaning Services includes the Initial Deep Cleaning Checklist above.


Seasonal Cleaning Service

Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services offers advanced Seasonal Cleaning Services to residents seeking to sanitize and clean their home. Each new season brings a new beginning and our professional cleaning experts ensure they clear away the dirt and germs from last season. We provide your family with a clean environment that is free from any germs or allergies. Due to COVID-19 and the Flu, Seasonal Cleaning service more than ever is a vital service to secure.


Emergency Cleaning Service

Emergencies can occur at any time and Seneida’s Home Cleaning LLC offers a 24-hour Emergency Cleaning Service with a rapid response time. We can deal with any type of emergencies for your home. Our cleaning professionals ensure that they use the best products and methods to clean different surfaces and meet all your urgent home cleaning needs.


Commercial Cleaning Services

Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services also provides Commercial Cleaning Services in all areas of operation. The commercial sector can now also benefit from a team of well oriented cleaning professionals who have years of industry experience. Here are a few of the many services we offer to the commercial sector:

Prior to establishing recurring services, the commercial sector is also required to obtain an Initial Deep Cleaning. Once the Deep Cleaning is completed, services will then be provided on a Daily, Every other Day, Weekly, BI-Weekly, or Monthly basis. Our company is willing to accommodate any special cleaning requests.

In Wayne, Wyckoff, Westwood, Morristown and other areas in the Northern New Jersey, its Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services the one to trust with all your cleaning needs! Armed with the latest cleaning equipment and helmed by the highly skilled and knowledgeable cleaners, Seneida’s can deliver more than satisfactory results on all projects!

Whether it’s a Move In Cleaning, Move Out Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, or Deep Cleaning of your new home or Office Cleaning, Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services is the best cleaning provider to get the job done right the first time!

Get professional cleaning services at Senaida’s Home Cleaning Services by just dialing our hotline (862-333-8313)! We have a great selection of Cleanings Services which include Carpet Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and Hardwood Floors Deep Cleaning. We proudly serve Wayne, Westwood, Wyckoff, Boonton, and other Northern New Jersey Areas.


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