Carpet Cleaning Provider in Wayne, Westwood, Morristown, and Northern New Jersey


When it comes to Carpet Cleaning a regular vacuum cleaner just isn’t enough. Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services is your one and only trustworthy Carpet Cleaning provider with a process designed to give your carpet a cleaner, longer lasting, and healthier look. Using our chemistry engineered solutions, state of the art equipment and efficient cleaners, we can lift the dirt that is deeply embedded in your carpets. Unlike other services Seneida’s tries to remove all stains free of charge (Limited Amount). There is no need to coordinate two separate services; we are the one and only fully equipped residential cleaning service, providing clients with discounted comprehensive Deep Cleaning of their homes and carpets.

Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services is well-positioned to provide residential and commercial clients with the best Carpet Cleaning in New Jersey. We are the most trusted name in Carpet Cleaning in NJ, and our success as the best Carpet steam Cleaning provider in the state depends on:

● Consistency, Professionalism, Quality Carpet Care with guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.

● Responsive, Prompt and Reputable Carpet Cleaning service that are available 24/7.

● Superior and Technologically Advanced Equipment for Carpet Cleaning.

● IICRC Highly trained and Experienced Technicians.

Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services understands that each Carpet Cleaning situation is unique and requires thorough analysis. This is the reason our technician before starting the Carpet Cleaning process, first visit your home and analyze your carpets, noting all the high traffic and heavily soiled areas. Once the assessment is complete, our technicians choose the most efficient treatments to completely remove all the dirt from the carpets, using a highly effective method.

Your upholstery can collect as much dirt, allergens and grime as the rugs and carpets in your home. Dirty clothes and shedding animals only add to the problem. Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services also offers Upholstery Cleaning. Revitalize your upholstery with a super fresh clean that dries very quickly and stays cleaner for a longer period.


Protecting Carpets


At Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services, we provide full protection and care for your carpets. We use Scotchgard, that repels all types of spills, blocks stains and resists soiling. It easily removes strong stains from fibers.

Scotchgard works as a soil retardant and protects your carpet by forming a molecular shield around carpet fiber. It repels all types of liquids and removes dirt and spill stains that become embedded in the fibers. Scotchgard keeps your carpet clean for longer periods of time.


Pet Odor Removal


At Seneida’s Home Cleaning Services, we use a pet odor and stain removal treatment that makes your carpets, and upholstery incredibly clean and fresh.




Some carpets may be permanently and or may require stain removal. Kindly please note that excessive stain removal may incur an additional charge per stain. Examples: Lipstick, Oil Spots, Ink, Gum, Coffee, etc

Seneida’s does not guarantee complete removal of stains or complete removal of any substance. Seneida’s will not assume any responsibilities for damaged carpets unless it is determined to be pure negligence by tech.