Excellent work Guys! Very Professional, Hard working, Honest, Dependable, Worth every Penney!

I recently evicted the Tenants from my 6 room home, they left the apartment full of dirt and grim dust balls under each baseboard the windows in the apartment “White Window sills tops” were covered in dust and dirt. I could write my name in the dirt & dust with my finger, The baseboards tops were covered in the same amounts of dust dirt grime, especially underneath bases boards in every room had dirt & dust balls from one end to the other, This people did not clean for over a 1 year, the amount of dust & filth in each room corner and under all the base boards was overwhelming, the doors had black finger prints all over them, the kitchen hood was covered in grease & dripping, the stove was also same condition. The entrance hall way steps where same condition dirt and dust.

The condition the tenants left my apartment in was totally unacceptable, absolutely not show-able not presentable & defiantly non re rent-able the amounts of filth dirt dust balls where to much to be-leave, I looked as though they would just sweep the dirt and dust literally underneath each of the base boards/corners of each room, I cant even comprehend how people live like that. I needed Help to clean this place, there was no way that just my self, one person could do this job,This apartment was completely neglected for over 1 year & I needed help to be brought back to its original clean/normal condition as it was & always has been before this tenants moved in.

This people just did not care, another thing that they did was after 1 year has passed the tenant finally called to report that there was a leak under the kitchen sink & there was water coming out onto the floor whenever his wife used the sink for a long time, I went to go see the problem, I could not believe my eyes! the entire cabinet was rotted out all do to a lose drain that I or he could of simply tightened and would have stop the leaky drain. No instead he did Nothing not even dial my phone # to tell me about the leak, he just sat back & watch the the entire cabinet rot to $hit! Unreal I asked why wouldn’t you tell me about this sooner?, why wait a whole year? This was not like this when I rented the apartment to you… why would you let this go on for over one year? he answered I forgot…

So you can relate to the stress this tenant has givin me I did not need anymore aggravation & stress at this point.

So you can relate to the stress this tenant has givin me I did not need anymore aggravation & stress at this point.

Dave the owner of Seneida’s was great from the minute we met he helped me tremendously, No more stress, I knew Dave and his crew would do a great job!

I gave him the keys the night before, They arrived first thing the next morning at 5:30 am they got done at 9;30 am PERFECT! SO HAPPY Now I can begin to show the apartment & Rent it for what its worth. I’m sure the next tenant will be very happy to move into a sparkling & clean home.

I highly recommend Seneida’s for your cleaning needs. I give them 10 stars out of 10 stars Perfect Job!

Thanks again Dave,


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